Alt Fabrics is an online business with its studio based in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia.

Originally started by a mother and daughter team as a hobby business to destash their ever growing room of fabric (which hasn't worked by the way), we decided in 2020, after the birth of a 3rd generation (who already loves the sewing machine and isn't even two yet), to go all in and make a full time job of selling fabric, trims, out of print patterns and a few other sewing accessories that we think will be useful.

Our aim is to provide alternative and unusual fabrics and trims that inspire. Mainly focusing on two areas: cottons and fun fabrics that work well for kids clothing, and anything unusual we can find that would be great for cosplay or something every day that's more unique.

Christine is a dress maker, pattern maker and teaches sewing. She's made wedding dresses, tailored suits, bunny outfits, fairy queen dresses and more. Currently she makes all our samples of kids clothes to inspire your creations, dolls clothes, and costumes for roving characters at festival events in between teaching.

Joy has a completely different background, in web and graphic design, photography and loves gaming (playing, the story lines, characters, music, everything!). She also has the characteristic that when she gets a pattern she'll choose the most difficult fabric, and often not suggested, to work with to create it.

Both are very creative and artistic, and you'll find this scattered throughout the website, little tips, ideas, sketches and information to help inspire you in your next creation.